mepBLITz DC-i5

Top of the line unit with optional bath for full immersion of smaller parts

– Powerful inverter driven weld cleaner with adjustable amperage control from 30-150amps
– Can be used as a solution fed, dipping or bath option depending on what the user requires
– Uses the largest brush electrodes on the market which are up to 120mm (4”) in width
– Liquid cooled inverter power source provides excellent reliability for continual use all day long

Associated Parts

Standard – MEP151

– M8 Solution Fed brush
– 40mm in length

Turbo Brush – MEP156

– M8 Solution Fed brush
– More fibre dense than the standard brush

TIP-B Brush – MEP160

– M8 TIP Style Solution FedBrush 70mm long
– Rigid except for tip, allowing accurate clean

M60 – MEPi5M60

– Large Solution fed brush
– 60mm in width

M120 – MEPi5M120

– Largest solution fed brush
– 120mm in width

Marking & Etching Kit

– Indelibly marks surface of SS
– Used for logos, serial numbers
– Long-life stencils

B-50 Solution – MEP153

– Premium solution
– Fastest cleaning speed
– Highest corrosion resistant finish

BLTz Clean Up – MST

– Inbuilt pH indicator
– Fully remove acidic residue
– Makes clean up easy