Marking & Etching Kit

A metal marking system that will leave a permanent imprint on your job

– Dedicated cables used only for this process
– A very quick process to imprint your logo, part or serial number onto your desired job
– Long life stencils of your customised logo or similar with the ability to be used for over 1000+ imprints
– Personal stencilling system option that you can use to mark/etch small runs such as serial numbers

Associated Parts

Etch Solution – EKESOL

– Leaves a frosted/white imprint
– Noticable etch into the surface

Mark Solution – EKMSOL

– Produces a dark marking imprint
– Ideal for logos

Clamp & Lead Set

– Replacement Clamp & Lead set for the Etching & Marking Kit

Clamp & Lead Set

– Replacement Handle & Lead set for the Etching & Marking Kit

PT-18 Printer

– Uses a fibre stencil mask
– Ideal for serial numbers & codes

Electrode Guide

– Replacement Electrode guide