EASYkleen Pro S-15

High performance workhorse that leaves its competitors behind

– Powerful inverter driven weld cleaner with adjustable amperage control from 30-130amps
– Easily handles all thicknesses of stainless steel incorporating the largest dipping brushes available
– Fine power control gives the ability to work on very thin gauge material through to heavy plate
– Excellent brush and solution consumable life even when working at the highest power output

Associated Parts

Pro-S Brush – EKPRO-130

– A circular brush ideal for spot and TIG welds
– Silicone sleeve for focused cleaning

Pro-M Brush – EKPRO-131

– Larger brush with more fibre ideal for MIG welds
– Silicone sleeve for focused cleaning

15-40 Brush – EKPRO-132

– Thin flat brush ideal for butt and fillets welds
– Best used at around 70 degrees

TIP-PS Brush – EKPRO-133

– TIP Style Brush 70mm long
– Rigid except for tip, allowing accurate clean

EKP-50 Solution – EKP102

– Premium solution
– Fastest cleaning speed
– Highest corrosion resistant finish

ECO-kleen – EKP103

– pH Neutral
– Ultimate user safety
– Produces a matt finish

All Machine – EKP104

– Non-DG water based
– Fast cleaning speed
– Most economical solution

BLTz Clean Up – MST

– Inbuilt pH indicator
– Fully remove acidic residue
– Makes clean up easy

Marking & Etching Kit

– Indelibly marks surface of SS
– Used for logos, serial numbers
– Long-life stencils