EASYkleen EASY Feeder

Adaptable inline solution fed option for a range of specific jobs

– Optional accessory for the EASYkleen range of machines that is attached inline with the unit itself
– Turns a traditional “dipping” unit into solution fed capable machine for those jobs
that require it
– Built in a robust stainless steel case incorporating the same pump technology
as the mepBLITz DC-i5
– An increase of more than 50% in labour efficiency compared to using a dipping
option on certain jobs

Associated Parts


– An M6 circular brush ideal for spot and TIG welds
– Silicone sleeve for focused cleaning


– M6 TIP Style Solution Fed Brush 70mm long
– Rigid except for tip, allowing accurate clean

Standard – MEP151

– M8 Solution Fed brush
– 40mm in length

Turbo Brush – MEP156

– M8 Solution Fed brush
– More fibre dense than the standard brush

TIP-B Brush – MEP160

– M8 TIP Style Solution FedBrush 70mm long
– Rigid except for tip, allowing accurate clean

EKP-50 Solution – EKP102

– Premium solution
– Fastest cleaning speed
– Highest corrosion resistant finish

ECO-kleen – EKP103

– pH Neutral
– Ultimate user safety
– Produces a matt finish

All Machine – EKP104

– Non-DG water based
– Fast cleaning speed
– Most economical solution

BLTz Clean Up – MST

– Inbuilt pH indicator
– Fully remove acidic residue
– Makes clean up easy