About – Stainless Steel cleaning & EASYkleen Pty Ltd

The Company is on a journey to deliver technologically superior post weld finishing and provide customers with the means to reduce corrosion in a cost effective manner while improving OH&S in the workplaces and labour costs.

At EASYkleen we are driven by science and are working with the premier Universities and the leading stainless steel companies.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Moruya (south of Sydney), NSW. Our new purpose built facility has increased our manufacturing space 10 fold with a dedicated R&D area of 280sq m. We manufacture all machines to strict quality control, and final testing is performed by management staff before any machine leaves the premises.

The mepBLITz is the most powerful electrochemical stainless steel cleaning machine available which delivers Maximum Power, Higher Lustre, Smoothest Finish, Better Corrosion resistance.

The mepBLITz that started the recent revolution in electrochemical stainless steel cleaning with its patented cooling system and DC wave form has also added a solution fed brush. Now the mepBLITz has the best of both boot and brush.

The Brush and the patented cooling system of the electrode and boot system combine to present an electropolisher that can meet any stainless steel cleaning challenge with both speed and quality of finish on all chromium steels and the most difficult areas to access.

The mepBLITz is a step ahead when it comes to MIG welds and heavier gauge stainless steel.

The TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC PlUS and the EASYkleen PLUS BRUSH electrochemical Stainless Steel Weld Polishing machines have a unique high power direct current and a fluctuating wave. It’s this technology that makes it extremely fast and ensures a more corrosive resistant finish.

All machines use an electro-polishing process that increases the density of the chromium throughout the weld surface, and therefore the ability to create a better oxide film and give the best possible corrosion resistance, as proven by University of Newcaste XPS surface analysis.

All machines remove heat tint, weld discoloration, oxide scale and contaminates to ensure a chromium dense weld.

Faster – Labour saving compared to other weld cleaning machines and alternative post weld finishing methods.

Safer – No acutely toxic Hydrofluoric and Nitric acids as used in pickling and passivation pastes.

Better – Chromium denser welds ensuring improved corrosion resistance.

Our range of machines are safer for the operator and therefore deliver significant OH&S benefits. Improving workplace safety is an increasing responsibility of every business.

Research conducted by the University of Wollongong and Sandvik Australia Materials Technology has shown the benefits of stainless steel cleaning by using direct current electrochemical cleaning rather than pickling paste, mechanical cleaning or alternating current electrochemical cleaning.

By working with the premier Australian Universities and leading stainless steel suppliers EASYkleen is proud to provide proven and highly effective post weld finishing electropolishing machines.