The EASYkleen EASY Feeder is an optional accessory for the EASYkleen range of weld cleaners. It offers the user the ability to have a solution fed brush option when required for certain jobs, whilst being easily detachable to revert back to the dipping process that the EASYkleen machines usually employ.
The feeder unit itself is designed in a stainless steel case, with the same pump technology as the mepBLITz DC-i5 to deliver the weld cleaning solution to the brush electrode.
The EASYkleen EASY Feeder only needs to be attached to the outputs of your weld cleaner and it is ready for use.
A trigger on the handle brings through solution as required to the solution fed brush electrode to perform the weld cleaning. There is both a regular solution fed brush and TIP brush style solution fed brush for each size feeder unit.

EASYkleen EASY Feeder M6 option (for Plus unit) – EKEF6MM
M6 Solution Fed Brush 5 Pack – EKEFM6STD
M6 Solution Fed TIP Brush 3 Pack – EKEFM6TIP
EASYkleen EASY Feeder M8 option (for Pro units) – EKEF8MM
M8 Solution Fed Brush 5 Pack – EKEFM8STD
M8 Solution Fed TIP Brush 3 Pack – EKEFM8TIP