At Metal Science Technologies we are committed to protection of our intellectual property and believe this provides added protection to our distribution partners who often invest significant resources in developing the market.

Invention and improvement is in our DNA . Our philosophy is “If there is a better way to do it ..find it.”

Nothing can ever be seen as finished or complete. The don’t challenge territory is fertile ground for finding new ideas because fewer people will be looking there.

Accordingly we have patented our cooling system and wave form and have 14 other aspects which are novel and inventive. These are incorporated in our machines.

We also have established several patents pending which are being taken to PCT or innovation patents.

  1. Improvement in electrodes for electro polishing and weld cleaning of interiors and exteriors of tube and pipes
  2. A design Applications for our rectangular electrochemical weld cleaning brush.
  3. An Electropolishing Apparatus using a fluctuating positive wave a form and a Carbon fibre brush
  4. Improvements in electro polishing and plating using a non acid electrolyte

We are currently working with Commercialisation Australia on several projects which we anticipate will lead to further patents that will be leveraged to catapult our products to another level of performance in metal finishing that will be faster, better and safer.


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